Financial Education Research Grant Program

Financial Education Research Grant Program

The Financial Education Research Grant program provides funding for the development and implementation of innovative, high-impact financial education research. The central goal of the grant is to develop data, facts, and conclusions which further the understanding on how to develop student financial knowledge, support behavior change, and ultimately promote financial well-being.  We are particularly interested in measuring both student and organizational outcomes.

Applicants must request funding of no less than $10,000 and no more than $125,000, and the grant period of performance must be between 6 months and 24 months. Please read the AccessLex Institute Grant Application Policy.

Click here for an overview of the grant application process, including the steps involved and the expected outcomes. Best practices and frequently asked questions are also discussed.


Grant Application Review Schedule


AccessLex Institute accepts and reviews applications for the Financial Education Research Grant Program on the following schedule:


Letters of Inquiry Accepted


Between June 1 and July 10, 2020


Proposal Invitation Notification 


Prior to August 31, 2020


Full Proposal Deadline


October 15, 2020


Funding Invitations Announced


Prior to January 31, 2021



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