The 1L Learning Path

1L - Fall

Focus: Financial information to help first-year law students develop sound financial habits that will enable them to stay on budget, keep to their financial plan and live within their means

Learning Modules:

  • Understanding Your Financial Personality
    Learning Objective: Understand the influences of emotions, external factors, demographics, lifestyle, past experiences and life milestones of financial choices.
  • Setting Your Financial Goals
    Learning Objective: Create, prioritize, and evaluate short-, medium-, and long-term financial goals.
  • Developing a Personal Spending Plan
    Learning Objective: Apply a systematic approach to financial decision making to develop a personal spending plan consistent with financial goals.
    (Includes Bar Exam Savings Challenge)
  • The Power of Interest
    Learning Objective: Understand how compound interest can help you build wealth - or amass debt.
    (Includes 120-day Student Loan Return Challenge)


1L - Spring

Focus: Financial information that helps second-semester law students understand credit and the importance of credit in their law school and professional journeys, along with support to 'stay on track' and modify financial plans and personal goals

Learning Modules:

  • Keeping Your Budget on Track
    Learning Objective: Incorporate tactics for keeping to a spending plan.
  • Monitoring Your Credit
    Learning Objective: Assess creditworthiness, and identify how it can impact financial goals and well-being.
    (Includes Credit Score Improvement Challenge)
  • Using Credit
    Learning Objectives: Analyze the costs and benefits of various credit options, and apply credit-building strategies to a financial plan.
  • Summer Financial Planning
    Learning Objectives: Evaluate true spending and compare with a spending plan. Make adjustments based on actual data and prepare for the summer ahead.


MAX Financial Coaching
Students can request personal, one-on-one sessions with our MAX coaches - all Accredited Financial Counselors (AFC®) - any time throughout their MAX journey.

"We want to help our students when it comes to personal finance preparation, but it’s hard to cover everything. MAX by AccessLex will give our students both what they want and what they didn’t even know they needed. And the fact that it's tailored to law students is very exciting."

                                                                                                                              -Stephen B. Yeager
                                                                                                                               Assistant Dean for Student Affairs 
                                                                                                                               Dedman School of Law