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2024 Diversity Pathway Intervention Grant Program - LOI Form Preview

Scope of Letter of Inquiry (LOI) Form

The LOI form is designed to elicit brief information about your program and your proposal to the Diversity Pathway Intervention Grant Program. You may find the character limits restrictive. These limits may require you to make strategic decisions about information to include and to exclude. The information provided should focus on components of the program for which grant funds are being sought, though contextual information about other components should be provided to the extent necessary.

All fields on the LOI form require a response. Given the competitive nature of the process, not every LOI applicant will be invited to submit a full grant proposal. Proposals featuring all the required elements and at least some of the optional elements are most likely to be invited. For information about required and optional elements, see the Diversity Pathway Intervention Grant Program main page.

If you have questions about the process, please email Grants@accesslex.org with the phrase, “Question – LOI,” in the subject line.

To ensure that you receive emails sent from Foundant, our grant interface program, please add Administrator@grantinterface.com to your email safe senders list, address book or contacts. Please note, all questions should be directed to Grants@accesslex.org.

Grant Number LOI
Assign the LOI number using the following format: Grant program's initials; calendar year during which the application was received; "APP;" and number by order in which the application was marked complete.
Character Limit: 20

Mandatory Elements

In order for your proposal to be fundable, you must respond "Yes" to each of the questions in this section. If you respond "No" to any of the questions, your program is not eligible for funding, and you should not complete the LOI.

Program Duration*
Does your proposal seek funding for a duration of 12-24 months?

Proposed Funding Duration*
Please enter the duration in months. 
Character Limit: 2

Funding Request*
Does your proposal seek funding in the amount of $200,000-$300,000?

Amount Sought* 
Please enter the amount being sought. 
Character Limit: 20

Total Program Cost* 
Please enter the total cost of the program during the grant timeframe. 
Character Limit: 20

Target Population*
Are you seeking funding for a program that focuses on college students and/or college graduates from underrepresented racial, ethnic, or socioeconomic backgrounds?

* Field required.

Program Information

Program Name*
Please enter the name of the program for which you are seeking funding.
Character Limit: 100

Program Summary*
Please enter a brief statement of the program purpose. 
Character Limit: 500

Previous Funding*
Is this a request to continue a project previously funded by the AccessLex Institute?

Previous Funding Information 
If "yes", please enter the grant number and/or project title under which it was previously funded.  
Character Limit: 150

Existing Programs*  
Is this proposal seeking funds for an existing pathway program?  

Existing Program Information
If yes, please share background information about the program, including how long it has been in existence, the population(s) it serves, and any relevant recent outcomes data.
Character Limit: 2000

Other Programs*
Is the applicant operating, or does the applicant plan to simultaneously operate any other programs on the same or related topic, or involving the same students as those who are expected or eligible to participate in the program for which the applicant seeks funding from AccessLex? If so, please describe the other program.

Other Program Potential Impact
If the answer to the preceding question is “yes”, please describe what actual or potential impact, if any, such other program may have on the efficacy of the AccessLex-funded program, or on the integrity of the data produced in connection with the AccessLex-funded program.

Proposed Funding Start Date*
Character Limit: 10

Proposed Funding End Date*
Character Limit: 10

* Field required.

Program Overview

Program Description*
Describe the most important elements of your program. Focus your description on how the program would be structured if grant funding were awarded. Be sure to provide information about relevant characteristics of target participants; the number of participants that would be served; and the scope and timing of program components.
Character Limit: 2000

Problem/Issue Statement*
Describe the problem or issue that the program seeks to address. What aspects of the problem or issue necessitate intervention? Please include any relevant data. You may be seeking to address more than one problem or issue.
Character Limit: 1000

Program Goals*
List program goals. These are broad statements of program aims that are relevant to the problem(s) or issue(s) described earlier.
Character Limit: 1000

Program Objectives*
List program objectives. These statements should describe what participants will learn and be able to do (or demonstrate) by the end of the grant period. They should be tangible, measurable, and tied to the program goals.
Character Limit: 2000

Desired Program Outcomes*
List desired program outcomes. Most desired outcomes will be quantitative in nature. They should be specific, realistic, and tied to program goals and objectives.
Character Limit: 1000

Program Evaluation Questions*
List questions that the program evaluation will seek to answer. The questions should relate to the extent to which program goals and objectives are being met and progress is being made towards expected outcomes.
Character Limit: 1000

Theoretical or Conceptual Framework*
Describe the theory or concept that underlies your reasoning for offering the different components of your program. Focus on actual and perceived relationships between the program goals/objectives and program components/methods.
Character Limit: 1500

Participant Underrepresented Status*
Describe how the underrepresented status of program participants is framed; provide relevant data supporting that framing; and describe how such status will be identified among program applicants and participants.
Character Limit: 1000

Evaluation Plan*
Describe the data that will be used to evaluate program outcomes; how the data will be obtained; the methods used to analyze the data; and the timeline for conducting the evaluation.
Character Limit: 2000

Organization and Qualifications of Key Staff*
Please describe the primary organization(s) in which the research activities will take place. Please also list key staff and describe their qualifications for this project.
Character Limit: 1500

Provide a brief description of how the requested funds will be spent, including major budget line items for which grant funding is being sought (e.g., personnel, curriculum, materials etc.).
Character Limit: 1500

How did you hear about the Diversity Pathway Research Grant Program?*
Please choose all that apply:
Direct Mail
Online Ad
Print Ad
Social Media
Word of Mouth
Other (please specify below)

If you selected "other" please specify
Character Limit: 200

* Field required.

Contact Information

Principal Investigator Name*
Please enter the name of the principal investigator. If there are multiple PIs, designate one to identify here.
Character Limit: 250

Principal Investigator Email*
Please enter the principal investigator’s email address.
Character Limit: 254

Secondary Contact
Please enter the name of the secondary contact. If there are multiple PIs, designate the second PI here.

Secondary Contact Email
Please enter the secondary contact’s email address.

* Field required.