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Whether you’re a student thinking about law school or you’re a pre-law advisor helping students make good decisions about their law school journey, MAX Pre-Law by AccessLex can help.

Designed by a team of JDs, financial aid experts, law school admissions professionals and experienced pre-law advisors, MAX Pre-Law is an online suite of resources offering interactive lessons, webinars, worksheets, checklists and even one-on-one financial strategy coaching from Accredited Financial Counselors (AFC®) and other financial aid experts – to provide aspiring law students and the pre-law advisors assisting them with answers to their most pressing questions. 


Lessons include:


  • Your Law School Investment: Find law schools that match your personal goals and will maximize the return on investment of time and money;
  • Paying for Law School: Understand the costs of law school, from application through post-graduation bar preparation, and develop a strategy to pay;
  • Getting into Law School: Prepare a strong application – hints, tips and resources to help devote the right time to the right things; and
  • Understanding Law School Admissions and Financial Aid: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the financial aid and scholarship application process.


MAX Pre-Law is available FREE to all aspiring law students and pre-law advisors.



If you’re a student interested in law school, get started today!

If you're a Pre-Law advisor, you can also access MAX Pre-Law. To find out how you can offer this free resource to your students, contact us at Also, we’ve made communicating about MAX Pre-Law directly with your students easy with our MAX Pre-Law Communications Toolkit. Please feel free to reference this resource and utilize the numerous templates and materials available.