JDEdge by AccessLex
JDEdge by AccessLex

JDEdge by AccessLexSM

JDEdge by AccessLex(sm) Sharpen Your Skills for Law School
JDEdge by AccessLex(sm), Sharpen your skills for law school

Comprehensive law school preparation for day ONE.

Let’s face it… law school is challenging, and it requires a unique set of skills to succeed. That’s where JDEdge comes in!  

JDEdge by AccessLexSM is a program offered free of charge to AccessLex member law schools that provides law school preparation and critical skills-building to incoming law students.

JDEdge features

Through webinars, video lectures, and interactive online lessons, incoming law students acquire critical skills such as:

  • Reading and briefing cases,
  • Engaging in class,
  • Note-taking,
  • Effective post-class strategies,
  • Strategic studying,
  • And so much more.

With opportunities to practice what they’ve learned along the way, JDEdge gives new law students the foundation — and the confidence — to enter ready.

Give your students an edge today!

JDEdge opens to students on May 1, 2024.

Wayne State University Law School

Tierney Eaton Hoffman, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
Wayne State University Law School

“JDEdge was a great resource to offer students who wanted to feel prepared and ready for the first day of law school. After completing the JDEdge content, like mock law school classes and mock exams, our students reported feeling more confident starting their first semester of law school.”

University of San Diego School of Law

Jordan Pinkstaff, 1L
University of San Diego School of Law

"I am a first-gen law student, and had no idea what law school would be like. I was filled with anxiety; JDEdge really helped me understand what law school will look like, and what actionable steps I could take before starting law school that would prepare me for it."

JDEdge Curriculum


With approximately 20 hours of asynchronous content organized into five modules – plus supplemental resources for use in the first semester – JDEdge demystifies law school and the law school learning process.  

JDEdge Module 1

Module One

An introduction to law school, with lessons on where to go for help, time management, basic terminology, and more.
JDEdge Module 2

Module Two

Class preparation, engagement, and post-class strategies, case reading and briefing, the Socratic method, and rule synthesis.
JDEdge Module 3

Module Three

Exam preparation, writing for law school exams, valuable study and memorization techniques, and the importance of taking practice exams.
JDEdge Module 4

Module Four

Preparing for law practice, with lessons on stress management, professional expectations, licensure, Character and Fitness, landing a first job, and the bar exam experience.
JDEdge Module 5

Module Five

It’s all about moving forward. Lessons include financing a legal education, the importance of mindset and critical reflection, and remembering the “why” in the decision to attend law school.

And more!

Practice Opportunities

Practice Opportunities

Attend a live case-briefing walk-through and a mock law school class, take a mock final exam, submit case briefs, and more. 

Supplemental Lessons

Supplemental Lessons

Take a deep dive into additional content: stages of litigation, the separation of powers, how to read a statute, and more. 

Additional Resources

Additional Resources

Access student success and personal finance lessons through Ask EDNA!® and support from our Accredited Financial Counselors.

Pepperdine Caruso School of Law

Maria Maxsimic, 1L
Pepperdine Caruso School of Law

"I absolutely loved JDEdge and I realized that I was ahead of my classmates during the first month of school because of what I learned in JDEdge. I am so glad I did it and glad I took it as seriously as I did!"

Saint Louis University School of Law

Toni Miceli, Director of Academic and Bar Exam Success; Professor
Saint Louis University School of Law

"By removing some of the mystery surrounding the law school academic experience and allowing students to jump right in through live classes and exam simulations, JDEdge makes the transition into law school a more comfortable and successful one for all of our students, particularly our first-generation students.”

JDEdge is offered free of charge to AccessLex member law schools and their students — the 195 American Bar Association-approved nonprofit and state-affiliated law schools.