March 25, 2021

Thousands Are Already Using New AccessLex Law School Scholarship Databank


West Chester, PA (March 25, 2021) - When it comes to the question of where to go to law school – or whether to go at all – AccessLex Institute knows a scholarship can make all the difference. That’s why they’ve created the AccessLex Law School Scholarship Databank, a searchable database housing 800 scholarships and writing competitions that total nearly $3 million in aid. Carefully curated and vetted, it includes award opportunities for incoming and returning law students and employs filters to help users find the ones best suited for them. And the secret’s out. Unveiled just two weeks ago, the Databank has already become the go-to scholarship resource for colleges and law schools throughout the country.

As the largest nonprofit in the country dedicated to the advancement of legal education, AccessLex Institute was well-positioned to develop and introduce this first-of-its-kind tool, due both to the breadth of its resources as well as its relationships with the nation’s nearly 200 ABA-approved law schools.

“At our annual student success conference two years ago,” said Cynthia Cassity, Chief Marketing Officer at AccessLex, “a law school administrator who has attended the event for years stood up in a town hall session and told us a tool like this would offer immense assistance to him and others in his position, as well as the students they serve. Many in the audience concurred — so we came back to the office and got to work. It is gratifying to address a specific need voiced in detail by a valued partner and to be able to come out with a solution that exceeds expectations.”

To do it, a dedicated team at AccessLex started with scholarship lists that were already being used at several individual law schools. They expanded their search from there, ultimately identifying approximately 1,200 awards and contests tailored to law students and/or students interested in a law career. The list was culled to 800 offerings in total after the team removed postings that were inactive or determined to not be cost or time effective for the aid amount offered.

“The main goal,” said Ann Durandetta, Manager of Product Development and Education Services at AccessLex Institute and head of the Scholarship Databank team, “was to offer law students and aspiring law students, who are already stretched for time, one place they could go to find aid opportunities that suit their strengths and fit their goals. They’re out there, but out there is a pretty big place.”

Megan Hanson, Senior Associate Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at the University of Tulsa College of Law, is thrilled with what she’s seen so far. “I was so pleased to see the launch of the Databank. There has been a need for a collection of scholarship resources, and I am so glad that AccessLex took on this project. This is an extremely helpful tool for prospective students, and I have already shared it with our incoming class.”

AccessLex is committed to monitoring the Databank and adding to it on a continuing basis to ensure its content remains accurate and up-to-date. Take a look.


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