February 14, 2023

Development of the Preparing for Law School Online Curriculum/Pre-Law Preparatory Academy (PLP)| UC Berkeley School of Law | Grant Outcomes 

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University of California, Berkeley is creating a new virtual program that seeks to provide greater access, transparency, and familiarity with legal education and the law school application process. Preparing for Law School is a free, asynchronous, modular pre-law curriculum to help students, especially those from non-traditional and underrepresented backgrounds, plan and prepare for law school.  

The website is organized into three modules: 1) what to expect in law school, 2) how to navigate the law school application process, and 3) how to start your legal career. Each module includes a combination of video content, podcasts, reflection exercises, and tasks. By combining original content and existing resources into one, modular, self-paced resource, Preparing for Law School will provide a one-stop-shop for those considering law school who might otherwise find it hard to navigate the process.