Congressional Black Caucus Spouses Education Scholarship

Sponsoring Organization:

Congressional Black Caucus Foundation

The spouses of Congressional Black Caucus members created this scholarship to address the educational need in the congressional districts in response to federal cuts in spending for education programs and scholarships, which disproportionately affect people of color. This opportunity awards scholarships to academically talented and highly motivated African-American or Black students pursuing an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral degrees in a variety of fields.

Application Deadline:
March 31

Some application deadlines have not yet been announced. In those cases, the dates posted are based on the scholarship provider’s most recent information. Please confirm each deadline via the provider’s website.

Eligibility Requirements:

Pursuing an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral degrees in a variety of fields

African-American or Black

Location Description:

Visit https://cbchousegov/membership/ and type in the zip code for your permanent address to determine your U.S. Representative Afterwards, visit the CBC Membership page to determine if they are a member of the CBC Note: All residents of New Jersey and California have a senator who is a member of the CBC and may apply