Representing Real People Scholarship

Sponsoring Organization:

Patrick Malone & Associates

These law firm scholarships are directed at law students committed to a career representing individuals often with limited financial means to defend themselves in civil cases. Applicants should have an interest in supporting the safety and stability of large segments of the American population dealing with evictions, foreclosures, child support, domestic violence, employment rights, just to name a few.

Application Deadline:
July 1

Some application deadlines have not yet been announced. In those cases, the dates posted are based on the scholarship provider’s most recent information. Please confirm each deadline via the provider’s website.

Eligibility Requirements:

Accepted at an accredited U.S. law school and plan to attend in the fall of the year of application

Intend to pursue a legal career representing individuals, especially those of limited financial means

Academic and other merit considered

Location Description:

One of two scholarships will be awarded to applicants near District of Columbia or close to firm's home base