San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association (SDLRLA) Scholarship Fund

Sponsoring Organization:

San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association Scholarship Fund

Scholarships are awarded to law students from a variety of backgrounds who have contributed to the betterment of the Latino community. The recipients of the scholarships are law students who have met criteria of community service, financial need, hardship and academic achievement.

Application Deadline:
September 25

Some application deadlines have not yet been announced. In those cases, the dates posted are based on the scholarship provider’s most recent information. Please confirm each deadline via the provider’s website.

Eligibility Requirements:

Must be enrolled in a J.D. program at an ABA accredited law school

Full-time law students who have completed their first or second year of law school and part-time students who have completed a sufficient number of units equivalent to the first year of law school

Scholarship applicants must have ties to San Diego or Imperial Counties

Location Description: