Stinson Diversity Scholarship/Diversity Fellowship

This fellowship provides substantial tuition assistance, a dedicated attorney mentor, plus a paid summer associate position where fellows experience meaningful, hands-on learning and networking opportunities.

Application Deadline:
January 12

Some application deadlines have not yet been announced. In those cases, the dates posted are based on the scholarship provider’s most recent information. Please confirm each deadline via the provider’s website.

Eligibility Requirements:

1L member of a racial minority group historically underrepresented in the legal profession

Strong academic record as an undergraduate, graduate (if applicable) and law school student

Be interested in areas of the law that match the firm's practice areas and demonstrate strong legal writing skills

Committed to practicing law in the firm's locations to which the candidate is seeking a summer associate position (currently only available in Kansas City, Minneapolis, Phoenix and St. Louis)

Award Description:

1L summer associate position at Stinson, $15,000 in law school tuition assistance, Additional $15,000 in law school tuition assistance after successful completion of the 2L summer associate program and Fellow's acceptance of a full-time associate position.