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LexScholars by AccessLex

LexScholars by AccessLex®

The legal profession is one of the least diverse professions in the United States. The demographics of the profession are a direct reflection of unequal access to legal education. Let’s change that.


is a diversity pipeline initiative aimed at learning more about effective methods for increasing law school diversity by providing more than 1,200 aspiring lawyers with resources and guidance to pursue their goal of attending law school.

Who is LexScholars designed for? 

LexScholars targets prospective law students from underrepresented racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds who possess potential for law school success but may be unlikely to gain admission due to unfavorable standardized test scores. LexScholars participants will have endured and overcome disadvantages and demonstrated a clear commitment to pursuing admission to law school.

What does a LexScholar receive? 

LexScholars participants will benefit from access to various resources, including LSAT preparation; law school admission counseling; financial education; and writing skills development. There are no costs associated with LexScholars. Some participants will receive stipends and other financial aid.

Read our evaluation of the LexScholars Year 1 Pilot Cycle in the new LexScholars Annual Report!

LexScholars Post-Baccalaureate Program and Additional Law School Partnership Opportunities


Beginning in Fall 2021, law schools will be offered the following opportunities to partner with LexScholars to help foster increased enrollment and academic success among underrepresented students:

LexScholars Post Baccalaureate Program

LexScholars Post-Baccalaureate Program

The Post-Baccalaureate Program provides law schools with a means of offering deferred admission to promising applicants who may need additional preparation and exposure prior to starting law school.
Additional Law School Opportunities

Additional Law School Partnership Opportunities

The LexScholars Referring School Program and the LexScholars Supporting School Initiative provide two additional ways that law schools can partner with LexScholars to to help foster increased enrollment and academic success among underrepresented students.