Policy Position: Single Federal Loan Servicer

Financial Education
Policy and Advocacy
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AccessLex Institute has consistently supported competition among providers and choice for schools and students with respect to the federal student loan programs. We believe that these elements work to create the lowest cost and best service for all parties involved. And for this reason, we oppose the  U.S. Department of Education’s recent proposal to consolidate the servicing of federal student loans to a single provider.

While we believe that the goal of the proposal is laudable – to create a common, streamlined and easy to understand borrower experience – we do not believe that selecting a single servicer for the management of the federal loan portfolio is the best choice to deliver on that promise. 

The use of multiple servicers engenders competition, spurs innovation and creates strong incentives for each servicer to provide the highest quality service for borrowers at the lowest cost to taxpayers. Our long experience working with student borrowers has made evident that timely, clear and accurate information and guidance by loan servicers strongly correlates with successful loan management and repayment by borrowers—a goal that all parties share.

We believe that well-designed requirements and incentives which work to improve borrower delinquency and default rates should serve as the primary approach to federal loan servicing. Common servicing requirements for critical servicing activities, clear regulatory and policy guidance, and strong accountability measures applied in a multiple-servicer environment would best serve to achieve the objective desired by moving to a single servicer, while maintaining competition and choice.


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