July 1, 2024

Raising the Bar: Vol. 7 – Issue 3

Academic and Bar Success
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In the newest edition of Raising the Bar, the partnerships at the forefront of both the future state of the bar exam and potential reforms to licensure take center stage. Get updates on the collaborative, student-oriented research initiatives that are paving the way to NextGen and beyond.

In this edition:

 -  The Organization Update provides information about a variety of research initiatives centered around the administration of bar exams by the State Bar of California.

 -  The Program Profile overviews the many ways Building Bar Skills Modules can help prepare faculty and students in doctrinal courses for the NextGen bar exam, with a special emphasis on field testing and classroom implementation.

 -  The Research Spotlight highlights the facilitation of broad licensure reforms for the legal profession through the NextGen bar exam and how undergraduate GPA growth serves as an admissions tool that is sensitive to both law student success and diverse representation.     


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