April 30, 2018

Analytix by AccessLex Now Includes New First-Time and Ultimate Bar Passage Data

Research and Data


The 2018 Bar Questionnaire data from the American Bar Association is now available on Analytix by AccessLex. The data include 2016 and 2017 first-time bar passage rates by law school and jurisdictions where at least 10 graduates sat for the bar exam. The new ABA bar questionnaire data also include ultimate bar passage rates, which measure the percentage of a law school’s graduates who attempted and passed the bar exam within two years of graduation.

AccessLex Institute has also added 1L non-transfer attrition rates by race/ethnicity to Analytix. Disaggregation of non-transfer attrition rates by race/ethnicity was one of several changes implemented for the 2017 ABA Standard 509 reports. Analytix reports 1L non-transfer attrition rates by race/ethnicity where 1L enrollment for the racial/ethnic group is at least five students.

To review and compare the new data, click here.

Average First-Time Bar Passage Rate for ABA Approved Law Schools