HEA is Happening - The Time to Act is Now!

Congress has released a bill to reauthorize the Higher Education Act, and it proposes changes to federal financial aid programs that will make higher education more expensive. Things are moving fast, and it has already passed out of the education committee. If it heads to the floor for a vote – which Rep. Virginia Foxx is pushing for – these polices will be one step closer to becoming law.

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If enacted, the PROSPER Act would:

  • Cap the Grad PLUS Loan Program to $28,500, irrespective of schools’ listed costs of attendance, with a $150,000 aggregate limit. This will force many students to borrow from private sector lenders to attend law school, making it harder for students to obtain a student loan under reasonable terms, if they are even able to obtain a loan at all.
  • Eliminate Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) which encourages graduates to enter and persist in public service careers where the pay may be lower but the reward for helping those in need is high. This would strip the benefit from borrowers, but also from the communities they serve.
  • Eliminate Income-Based Loan Forgiveness which allows borrowers to have part of their debt forgiven after making payments for 20 or 25 years, ensuring for many who find themselves financially-challenged a literal lifetime of debt.


Compare potential repayment scenarios under the PROSPER Act here.