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2024 Bar Success Research Grant Program - Proposal Application Preview

Scope of Grant Application

The grant application form is designed to elicit detailed information about your project and your proposal to the Bar Success Research Grant Program. The information should build and expand on the entries placed on the Letter of Interest (LOI) form. Responses, however, should be only as long as necessary. Do not feel compelled to exhaust the character limits.

The information provided should focus on components of the program for which grant funds are being sought, though contextual information about other components should be provided to the extent necessary and possible.

All fields on this form require a response. If a prompt is not applicable to your project, mark "N/A". Given the competitive nature of the process, not every grant applicant will be awarded funding. Proposals featuring all the required elements and at least some of the optional elements are most likely to be awarded funding. For information about required and optional elements, see the Bar Success Research Grant Program main page.

If you have questions about this grant application process, please direct them to Grants@accesslex.org with the phrase, "Question – Full Proposal," in the subject line.

To ensure that you receive emails sent from Foundant, our grant interface program, please add Administrator@grantinterface.com to your email safe senders list, address book, or contacts. Please note, all questions should be directed to Grants@accesslex.org.

Program Information

Program Name
Please enter the name of the program for which you are seeking funding.
Character Limit: 100

Program Summary
Please enter a brief statement of the program purpose. 
Character Limit: 500

Amount Sought
Please enter the amount being sought.
Character Limit: 20

Total Program Cost
Please enter the total cost of the program during the grant timeframe.  
Character Limit: 20

Proposed Funding Duration
Please enter the duration in months.  
Character Limit: 2

Proposed Funding Start Date
Character Limit: 10

Proposed Funding End Date
Character Limit: 10

Project Overview

Problem/Issue Statement
Describe the problem or issue that the project seeks to investigate. Be sure to discuss the potential implications of the research and why it is important to conduct. If this is a problem or issue of heightened relevance or importance, please explain why. Please include relevant data. You may be seeking to address more than one problem or issue.
Character Limit: 3000

Research Questions
List the research questions that the program will seek to answer.
Character Limit: 2000

Theoretical or Conceptual Framework
Describe the theory or concept that underlies the program.
Character Limit: 2000

Research Design

Data Collection
Describe with specificity the data collection plans. At minimum, you should provide the following information:

  • List of the data (quantitative and other types) that will be used to conduct the research
  • Description of each dataset and its relevance to the research project
  • Identification of the sources of each dataset and whether the data has already been acquired, collected, or is currently unavailable
  • Descriptions of acquisition and collection methods for any outstanding data and any potential limitations or difficulties associated with obtaining the data

Character Limit: 3000

Data Analysis
Describe with specificity the data analysis methods and plans. At minimum, you should provide the following information:

  • Explanations of the methods used to analyze each dataset
  • Assessments of the strengths and shortcomings of each dataset in helping to answer the research questions

Character Limit: 3000

Program Activities and Assessment Timeline
Complete and upload the Bar Success Research Grant Program Project Timeline. Click here to access the template.
File Size Limit: 2 MB


Project Budget
Please upload a clear and detailed budget for the proposed project using the AccessLex Institute budget template.
File Size Limit: 2 MB

  • Please note that in light of the launch of Helix Bar Review, Inc. (“Helix”) a non-profit affiliate of AccessLex Institute, applicants may not utilize AccessLex grant funds to pay for competitor commercial bar preparation programs or materials. To the extent applicants include non-Helix programs and materials as part of research design, applicants are advised to (1) utilize comparable Helix offerings – which will be provided on an in-kind (non-cash) basis, or (2) seek alternate funding for research components requiring use of non-Helix programs or materials.
  • More information about Helix is available here: HelixBarReview.org. Please direct any specific questions regarding this to Grants@accesslex.org.

Budget Narrative
Please provide a budget justification/narrative to support your application. The budget narrative should explain how each line-item expense is justified in the context of attaining the program goals, objectives, and expected outcomes.
Character Limit: 3000


Project Management

Organization and Qualifications of Key Staff
Please describe the primary organization(s) in which the research activities will take place. Please also list key staff and describe their roles and qualifications for this project. Attach all key staff resumes and/or curricula vitae as one document through the link below. Please limit each resume/CV to a two-page maximum focusing only on information that is relevant to qualifications for this project.
Character Limit: 3000 | File Size Limit: 2 MB

Collaborations and Partnerships
Describe any formal collaborations or partnerships with other organizations. Describe how these collaborations or partnerships will contribute to the quality of the proposed project. Please include only collaborations and partnerships for which formal commitments have already been secured. If no formal collaborations or partnerships, mark “N/A”.
Character Limit: 2000

Dissemination Plan
Describe any plans to announce receipt of the grant and/or any plans to disseminate information about program activities and participant outcomes experienced during the period of grant funding and thereafter. If no such plans, mark “N/A”.
Please note that any grant publicity is subject to Section 6 of the standard grant agreement.
Character Limit: 2000

Please describe any plans or strategies for funding and continuing the program beyond the expiration of any grant funds from AccessLex. If no such plans, mark “N/A”.
Character Limit: 2000

Potential Program Obstacles and Challenges
Describe any potential obstacles or challenges that could impact the program’s overall success and how you plan to respond to these obstacles or challenges. If no such plans, mark “N/A”.
Character Limit: 2000

Supplemental Information

Supplemental Information
Please provide any other relevant information not addressed by the previous questions that may help AccessLex Institute evaluate your application. You may also upload items that are directly related to your program, such as letter(s) of support and collaboration, and publication(s). If no such information will be added, mark “N/A”.
Character Limit: 2000 | File Size Limit: 2 MB

IRB Process
Applicants should check with their university’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) office and/or sponsored research office to consult about IRB requirements before submitting their proposal to AccessLex Institute. IRB approval is required for any research project involving human subjects, which includes collecting data through interviews, surveys, or experiments. Please check the appropriate box(es) below if you have 1. consulted with your university about IRB requirements (if applicable) and/or 2. have received approval prior to submitting this application.
I have consulted with my institution's IRB office (if applicable to my program).
I received IRB approval prior to submitting this application.

Award Conditions and Information for AccessLex Grants

Successful execution of the grant agreement is required before the decision to award a grant is considered final. Please review the standard grant agreement and share with your legal team to confirm that your organization does not foresee any issues with this standard agreement. Applicants will have 90 days from the date they receive a funding invitation to fully execute the grant agreement before the award offer expires.

Have you reviewed the standard grant agreement?*

Contact Information

Principal Investigator Name
Please enter the name of the principal investigator. If there are multiple PIs, designate one to identify here.
Character Limit: 250

Principal Investigator Email
Please enter the principal investigator’s email address.
Character Limit: 254

More information about the Bar Success Research Grant Program.