June 4, 2024

LexPreLaw Scholar, Aaliyah Pichon, Awarded the Marshall-Motley Scholarship

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Aaliyah Pichon

West Chester, PA – May 21, 2024 – AccessLex Institute® congratulates Aaliyah Pichon, a current LexPreLaw participant, for her acceptance to the distinguished fourth cohort of the Marshall-Motley Scholars Program, a unique opportunity requiring a remarkable level of commitment and dedication.

The Marshall-Motley Scholars Program, established in 2021, will accept 50 aspiring civil rights lawyers over the course of five years, providing a comprehensive scholarship package that includes three years of law school funding at the school of the student’s choice. The Program also requires a two-year post-graduation fellowship and an eight-year commitment to practicing civil rights law in the South.

Aaliyah, who will be attending George Washington University Law School in the fall, wrote, “For me, the commitment was made long before I had the opportunity to be a Marshall-Motley Scholar. Becoming a civil rights attorney was not only something I felt destined to do, it was something I was determined to do.”

LexPreLaw, a component of the LexScholars diversity initiative at AccessLex, is dedicated to supporting and cultivating aspiring law students with talents and skill sets that may not be captured through traditional admission criteria. Looking above and beyond typical law school admission paths, LexScholars provides support, training, and coaching to students dedicated to their goals of legal education and practice.

“The structure of the LexPreLaw program provided me with checkpoints to promote progress in my law school journey, while simultaneously allowing me to reflect on the progress I was making in the law school admissions process, which I found very reassuring and motivating,” wrote Aaliyah. “LexPreLaw also helped me overcome significant financial barriers in the law school admissions process, LSAT prep and admissions fees. I strongly believe that the resources provided to me as an AccessLex LexPreLaw participant allowed me to be a stronger law school applicant.”

“Aaliyah came to LexPreLaw with an established record of achievement,” wrote Aaron N. Taylor, Senior Vice President and Executive Director of the AccessLex Center for Legal Education Excellence. “She maximized the targeted support offered through the program and is now beginning her law school journey as a Marshall-Motley Scholar. Aaliyah embodies the hope and promise of LexPreLaw. And we will excitedly watch where her impactful future leads.”

The newest cohort of the LexPreLaw program is accepting applications for the 2024-25 academic year.

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