January 1, 2022

Raising the Bar: Vol. 5 - Issue 1

Academic and Bar Success
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As many of you know, Sara Berman, she behind the vision for Raising the Bar, has moved on from AccessLex to join Touro Law. But her presence and impact here still loom, including in the pages of this newsletter. In this issue we provide updates on some AccessLex projects, most notably our new bar prep program, Helix Bar Review. In addition, we give an update on LexScholars by AccessLex, our innovative, research-based diversity pipeline program and, as always, we identify conferences, publications and resources with a bar success focus.

As we move into a new publication year, our commitment to using these pages for the collective betterment will remain. We will continue to ask you, the readers, to share your ideas and expertise. And we will continue to share ours. We will, as Sara always did, continue to think of Raising the Bar as a meeting place for all those thinking about the bar exam.