MAX by AccessLex Scholarship Incentives

In 2017-2018, we awarded $100,000 in scholarships through the MAX program. In 2018-2019, we’ll award $220,000!

We recognize and understand that for many law students, personal finance may not be a top priority right now. No matter if you’re a 1L just finding your footing in the classroom, or a 2L looking for the perfect internship and deciding on a career path, there is always something competing for your attention. But, in short – your money matters! That’s why MAX has built-in incentives to help you maintain motivation and momentum as you progress through the personal finance curriculum developed just for law students like you.


students gathered around a tablet

  • MAX automatically enters you into scholarship drawings for:

    • Creating your MAX online account and completing your personal assessment

    • Attending in-person workshops and online webinars

    • Completing your monthly content modules


  • Four (4) $5000 drawings (2 for 1Ls and 2 for 2Ls) will take place in both December and March for eligible activity completed on an individual level. The eight randomly selected students will each have a $5,000 scholarship check sent directly to their institution for application to their student account.


  • Two (2) $40,000 scholarship drawings (1 for 1Ls and 1 for 2Ls), and four (4) $25,000 scholarship drawings (2 for 1Ls and 2 for 2Ls) will occur in May. You will earn cumulative entries to these drawings by completing MAX activities during the 2018-2019 academic year. Up to $40,000 will be paid to each grand prize winner’s institution toward the following year’s tuition; $25,000 will be paid to each silver prize winner’s institution toward the following year’s tuition.