James Kennedy Law One Tough Student Scholarship

Sponsoring Organization:

James Kennedy, P.L.L.C.

The James Kennedy Law One Tough Student Scholarship provides two awards each worth $1,000 to support the education of students who have been affected by drunk driving. Applications are open to undergraduate and graduate students throughout the U.S. We aim to help students who have a financial need, and we ask applicants to submit an essay discussing how drunk driving accidents can be reduced at a societal level and elaborate on what steps they can take to prevent drunk driving in their community.

Application Deadline:
December 4

Some application deadlines have not yet been announced. In those cases, the dates posted are based on the scholarship provider’s most recent information. Please confirm each deadline via the provider’s website.

Eligibility Requirements:

Eligible applicants must have a need for financial assistance, with an annual family income of less than $75,000.

They or a family member must have been injured by a drunk driver.

U.S. Citizen.

At least 18 years old. 

Student must be enrolled for Spring 2024 in accredited U.S. college or university.