Building Bar Skills Initiative
Building Bar Skills Initiative

Building Bar Skills Initiative

In May 2023, AccessLex Institute launched its Building Bar Skills Initiative with the sole purpose of preparing its member law schools for the NextGen bar exam. 

Led by our Center for Legal Education Excellence®, this initiative represents a significant research and development investment into future methods of bar preparation.  

Through its broader Building Bar Skills Initiative, AccessLex Institute is expanding its existing bar preparation offerings by actively working to bridge the gap between standard methods of legal education and future approaches to legal training.

Bar Skills Modules

AccessLex Institute’s Bar Skills Modules are a series of easily adapted Modules, aligned with bar-tested doctrinal subjects. Bar Skills Modules introduce law students to the skills tested on the NextGen bar exam through formative assessments and exercises. Developed by Module Building Teams comprised of law school skills and doctrinal staff and faculty, each set of Modules was utilized in a classroom setting and updated based on law student response and performance. Each Bar Skills Module set includes associated skills-based student learning outcomes, professor’s notes, assessment exercises and rubrics, and model answers to support easy adoption by law faculty and instructors.

Bar Skills Modules are available at no cost to faculty and instructors at AccessLex Member Law Schools.

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Apply to Become a Module Building Team

AccessLex Institute is currently accepting proposals for its next cohort of Module Building Teams (MBTs). MBTs are comprised of two members of a law school’s skills faculty or staff or doctrinal faculty. Law skills faculty and staff may come from the areas of Alternative Dispute Resolution, Academic Success/Bar Prep, Client Counseling and Advising, Client Relationship and Management, Legal Clinics, Legal Writing and Legal Research, Mediation, and Negotiation. The MBT doctrinal faculty should regularly teach a course in the NextGen-tested subject with which the bar skills module is aligned. Module subjects sought include Business Associations, Constitutional Law, Evidence Law, Family Law, Sales (UCC), and Real Property Law. MBT members must not be subject to competitor agreements including competitors of Helix Bar Review by AccessLexSM.

The deadline to apply to become a Module Building Team is May 31, 2024. 

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