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AccessLex Champions Program
AccessLex Champions Program

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scholarship databank

AccessLex Law School Scholarship Databank

We searched so you don’t have to. Utilize our newest tool to find money that’s already available to help pay for law school and lower your student loan burdens. Search over 800 carefully curated and vetted scholarship opportunities and writing competitions, with filters to help you find the ones best suited for you.

Student Loan Calculator

AccessLex Student Loan Calculator

Law school is an investment. And, as you know, tuition is just the start of it. Crunch your numbers and know all your options.

Road to Zero

The Road to Zero: A Strategic Approach to Student Loan Repayment

Learn how to get on the road to zero loan payments. We’ll help you create a strategy for success.

PSLF Resources

PSLF Resources

Public Service Loan Forgiveness can seem confusing, but it’s achievable if you know the steps to take. Let our resources help you understand eligibility and requirements of PSLF and help you get on – and stay on – track for forgiveness.

Helix Student

Helix Bar Review by AccessLexSM

From assisting you in choosing the right law school to preparing you for your best financial future, we have always worked to build confidence into every step of your legal education experience. Developing an affordable comprehensive bar review program is a natural next step.

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