Legal Education Diversity Pipeline Grant Program

Program Requirements

The Legal Education Diversity Pipeline Grant Program awards grants to current or proposed programs that provide college students and/or college graduates from historically underrepresented groups with information and resources premised on aiding their successful matriculation into law school and the legal profession. The best programs are collaborative and provide meaningful and holistic content, experiences and support, and are designed to yield measurable outcomes and scalable best practices.

To learn more about diversity pipeline programs, characteristics of successful programs, and the need for better evaluation of programs, read Diversity Pipeline Programs in Legal Education. 

AccessLex Institute accepts and reviews applications for the Diversity Pipeline Grant Program on the following schedule:


Letters of Inquiry Accepted: March 1 through March 31


Proposal Invitation Notification:


Prior to May 31


Full Proposal Deadline:


June 30


Funding Decisions Announced:


On or before September 30


Email questions to



Diversity Pipeline Application Informational Videos



Key Components of the Applications


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