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Exciting news! If law school is in your future and you have questions about anything from paying for school to succeeding as a law student, Ask EDNA! Ask EDNA! is the online Education Network at @AccessLexInstitute, a nonprofit dedicated to helping you plug into the information you need to succeed in your legal education. Everything in Ask EDNA! is free, including online lessons on choosing, applying for, and paying for law school, and webinars and tools for student and bar success! Visit to set up your free account today and take your law school planning to the next level! #AskEDNA #LegalEducation #LawSchool #PreLaw #FutureLawyer


Aspiring legal professionals and law students: Check out the totally free AskEDNA! platform from nonprofit @AccessLexInst for expert advice, tools, lessons, and webinars to help navigate your way through law school.

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Are you a future law student wondering how to best choose, apply to, and pay for law school? I’d like to introduce you to Ask EDNA! – the Education Network at AccessLex Institute – a one-stop portal for all-things pre-law, personal finance, and student success – tailored specifically to current and pre-law students. In Ask EDNA!, you can access MAX Pre-Law to complete online lessons, attend live events, search for scholarships, calculate loan payments, and even connect with Accredited Financial Counselors® to get your questions answered – all for free. And don’t forget to check out the student success tools and lessons while you’re at it! If you have questions about law school, just ask EDNA! Visit today to register your free account.