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Are you ready to take control of your money and come up with a plan for your legal education? Look no further than AccessConnex by @AccessLexInstitute. AccessConnex is a free financial coaching service that lets you schedule 30-minute phone call appointments with Accredited Financial Counselors. Dive into the details of your situation or just get your quick questions answered by a non-biased subject matter expert. Build your law school budget, de-mystify student loans, or make a plan for navigating your law school future by scheduling your first AccessConnex call today! #AccessConnex #LawSchool #StudentLoans #LegalEducation #PreLaw


Level up your law school plan through free coaching with AccessConnex by @AccessLexInst! Schedule calls with Accredited Financial Counselors to get your questions answered on everything from student loans to investing as you launch your law school career.

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When it comes to getting your financial questions about law school answered, nothing beats talking with a non-biased subject matter expert one-on-one about your specific situation. Thankfully, the nonprofit AccessLex Institute provides unlimited free financial coaching calls with their team of Accredited Financial Counselors to all aspiring law students through AccessConnex. You can schedule a 30-minute phone call to ask your coach about anything from basic budgeting to student loan management while navigating your law school journey. This is a service I wish I had before entering my degree program, and I highly encourage you to schedule your first call today!