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MAX by AccessLex

MAX by AccessLex®

MAX by AccessLex is the free personal finance program created just for law school students. Put your students on their best personal and professional financial path — with MAX.

MAX Pre-Law

MAX Pre-Law by AccessLex®

With interactive lessons, webinars, worksheets, and even one-on-one financial strategy coaching with Accredited Financial Counselors, MAX Pre-Law will help your students answer all of their law school questions.

Analytix by AccessLex

Analytix by AccessLex®

Analytix puts the power to benchmark law schools, display trends, gain crucial insights, and fuel independent research right into your hands.

AccessConnex by AccessLex

AccessConnex by AccessLexSM

Through our student loan helpline, students receive one-on-one financial counseling by our team of Accredited Financial Counselors. As often as they need it. Free. Wow!

Helix Bar Review

Helix Bar ReviewSM

Becoming lawyers is in their DNA. Empowering lawyers is in ours. We believe every law student deserves access to an affordable, best-in-class bar preparation program. Read how we’re doing it.

Webinars and Workshops


Share our slate of free webinars with your students. Or contact your Regional Manager to bring a workshop and/or one-on-one counseling to your school soon.


If you haven’t attended LexCon — our Student Success Conference — or any of our training workshops, your seat is waiting!
Pre-Law Services


Making wise decisions is vital to ensuring your students' journey from pre-law preparation to law school graduation is a successful one. Our tools and resources can help you help them.
Meet our team

Our Team

Our team of Accredited Financial Counselors are located throughout the U.S. and available to deliver expert financial education and counseling to law and pre-law student audiences.
JDEdge by AccessLex(sm) Sharpen Your Skills for Law School
JDEdge by AccessLex(sm), Sharpen your skills for law school

Diversity Programs

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November 21, 2022
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October 19, 2022
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