Aspiring Law Students
Aspiring Law Students

Aspiring Law Students


When you have the tools to make wise decisions, you make more wise decisions.

Our free resources will help you make sure good habits are the habits you keep!
MAX Pre-Law by AccessLex

MAX Pre-Law by AccessLex®

Considering law school? We know what you need to know.
XploreJD by AccessLex

XploreJD by AccessLex®

XploreJD is a free, online search tool offering aspiring law students a data-based approach to finding law schools that best meet their criteria.
Scholarship Databank

AccessLex Law School Scholarship Databank

We searched so you don’t have to. Utilize our newest tool to find money that’s already available to help pay for law school and lower your student loan burdens. Search over 800 carefully curated and vetted scholarship opportunities and writing competitions, with filters to help you find the ones best suited for you. 

Student Loan Calculator

Student Loan Calculator

Law school is an investment. And tuition is just the start of it. Learn your true cost of attendance and know all your options.

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Research and Data

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Diversity Programs

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